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How to Eat an Elephant: The Challenge


Planning for your future might feel overwhelming right now. People find the job hunt overwhelming at the best of times–and these are not the best of times.

Think of it like eating an elephant: the only way to do it is one bite at a time. You cannot just show up one day with a resume in hand at your dream job unless you learn some real magic from JK Rowling. There is no magic. You have to break it down into smaller pieces.

Want to eat that elephant? Take the challenge. Start now, even if your post-graduation job search is along way off. Pull out your calendar or calendars and schedule 15 minutes a week into it under FOR MY FUTURE.  (Think about the time you spend waiting for pasta water to boil, ignoring home work, walking/stepping on that machine–you have fifteen minutes). Take that time to think about, work on, and plan for YOU. This can take the form of thinking about

  • what you like to do from past jobs, activities, volunteer work
  • watching one of our NEW videos,
  • starting or updating your resume,
  • day dreaming about your perfect job,
  • identifying or contacting mentor to talk about what they like about their career,
  • surfing LinkedIn for potential professional connections,
  • looking for a internship/job.

I hope you take my challenge. Let me know how it is working for you in the weeks to come or what you did that might inspire others.