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April 6 – 10: Virtual Illini Recruiting Week

Hiring is still happening, even if employers can’t come to campus for career fairs. Next week is Virtual Illini Recruiting Week (April 6 – 10), where companies offer online information sessions specifically for University of Illinois students.

  • Click “Events” on Handshake, and then type “Virtual Illini” in the Search box to find the full list of info sessions.

  • Among the companies coming that are specifically of interest to humanities majors: Revature (they’re holding an info session specifically for non-STEM majors on Thursday, 4/9, at 11am), City Year multiple sessions covering many aspects of the application and placement process), Veeva (including some niche opportunities for Japanese speakers or European students interested in relocating to Barcelona), Group MScribe America (part-time positions), AXA Advisors, and Epic.

  • Learn more about each employer by clicking on the employer’s name inside the event listing. Scroll down to find details about specific positions they’ve already posted on Handshake (and may be hiring for). It doesn’t hurt to look at their website as well, to come up with some good questions to ask about how you might fit into their organization.

  • A lot of these employers DO NOT specify majors that they’re looking for. Take note! and don’t try to limit yourself (or frame the conversation) with your major. Look deeper. What skills, abilities, and strengths are they looking for? What can you point to in your experience that demonstrates those qualities? THAT’s the thing to talk about. (And yes — research papers, experiential learning, study abroad, and other things that you’ve done for your major may well be relevant! But the major by itself doesn’t tell employers what they want to know about you.

  • Not sure how to navigate a virtual career event? It’s not that different from an in-person career fair — only pants are optional and you don’t have to stand in lines and get contact anxiety from your fellow students. You DO have to do your research, prep your resume and some good talking points, and look/sound professional on screen.

  • Consider going, even if you’re not crazy about any of the employers taking part. It’s a great way to get comfortable talking to employers in a virtual setting.

  • ACES career services has a terrific podcast that goes into more detail about what to expect in virtual job fairs, how to prepare, and what to expect.