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What Should I Do with Those Lists of Jobs/Internships Julie Sends Me?

If you are a declared major in one of the many LAS disciplines, then you get regular emails from Julie Higgs, Career Advisor here in 105 Greg, with lists of links to jobs or internships.

Not ready to apply for a job or internship yet? That’s okay. Look over the list. See things you’d want to apply for in future? Click and read them, focusing on “requirements” and job duties. Reading job postings is a great way to start exploring. Make note of terms or job functions that are unfamiliar. Keep an eye out for words that seem to come up a lot in the jobs that interest you. Think about what you might do between now and when you apply to make yourself a stronger candidate. Feel free to reach out to the HPRC staff for advice!

Looking for an internship, but nothing in the email appeals to you? In addition to the emails we send out with recent postings, Julie maintains a list on our website of opportunities for Liberal Arts Majors. Keep an eye on Handshake as well. Still not finding what you want? Make an appointment with us to discuss strategies for finding the right position.

Want to apply, but you don’t think you’re qualified? The stated “requirements” or “qualifications” for a position serve more as wish lists than definitive boundaries around it. Do you mean more than half of the requirements and are you excited about developing the others? That’s probably enough. Interest in a field and the desire to learn more about it is itself a qualification. It’s someone else’s job to decide you’re not qualified, not yours, so go ahead and apply.

Not sure how to apply? Don’t have a resume? Not sure how to craft a cover letter or statement of interest? Wondering what counts as a writing sample? That’s what the HPRC is here for! We regularly offer workshops on all of these topics (check our calendar or Handshake). If there’s no workshop available in your timeframe — or you’d prefer to talk one-on-one — make an appointment (thru Handshake) with us, (Seriously, this is what we’re paid to do. You’re not imposing on us.) We also have some sample documents (resume, cover letter) you can use to get started.