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Nothing or Anything?

“Oh, you can do ANYTHING with that major!” people will tell you. It’s more encouraging than the vast abyss of “What are you going to do with THAT major?” but it’s not that helpful. Neither “oh, anything!” or “ew, nothing!” gives the bewildered humanities major a path forward. And yet — the paths exist. There […]


Should I Double Major?

We hear this question a lot. And then the follow-up question: What would make the best second major? The answer is: maybe? (and then, “best” how?) It helps to know why you’re thinking about a second major. Here are some good reasons: “I took a few courses in [major] and really enjoyed them, so I […]


What Does Success Mean for YOU?

The 2019 – 2020 Illini Success Report has been released, and the outcome for humanities majors are in step with outcomes across campus: better than many had feared but not as good as they would be if there wasn’t a global pandemic happening right now. Once again we learn that, contrary to popular myth, humanities […]