Grad School with your degree

You have many options for further education with your BA or BS degree, and lots of resources to help you think about your next steps.

An MA/PhD in your major or a related field. Talk to your professors! They know a lot about career prospects for professors and can advise you about programs to apply to. You will need strong recommendations for your application, so starting the conversation early is a great way to build that connection. Sometimes a terminal MA degree in your major or a related discipline is a helpful step towards getting into a funded Ph.D. program, and sometimes it can be an expensive dead end.

Law School. Visit Pre-Law Advising Services for help with planning your future in the law. The online Prelaw Advising Services Handbook has a wealth of information about the process.

Other common paths:

  • library and information science (MSLIS, MLIS, MSIM),
  • social work (MSW),
  • business management (MSM),
  • journalism or communications, public health or public policy,
  • translation/interpretation,
  • research,
  • business,
  • medicine and public health,
  • education.

More answers to your questions about grad school:

Everyone’s situation is different. Our staff is here to help you find the resources you need to take the right steps for you. Make an appointment thru Handshake or email to start the conversation.