Internship Postings

This a list of open positions looking for people like you. It is a sample of position titles and organizations that hire people with your skills and understanding (key to symbols is at bottom of the page).  We keep these fresh and add clarifying notes when needed.  The various job board links on the Opportunities Page will provide more options to use. These positions are paid unless noted. We DO NOT include K-12 teaching opportunities, direct faith-based, or summer camp positions.  Confirm the losing dates and application requirements. Note: you DO NOT have to have a 100% match to the position wants list to apply for it. 

The newest postings are at the bottom of each section. You might review the campus and other local interns/jobslocal job board.

  • ATLAS internships. Work here in the College of LAS in non-tech internships, there are many positions such as content editing, documentation, and writing positions.  Apply anytime.  Yes, these are internships for students.
  • Parker Dewey. Mirco-internships from 5-40 hours. Paid project-based work experience. This specific URL/page supports Illinois students. 
  • Idealist Internship – Internships in wide variety of sectors.
  • Teach for America – Ignite Program for virtual tutoring.  

Spring Internships

Summer 2023 Internships (more found on Handshake)

% = Positions for Liberal Arts students with quantitative skills.