Job Postings (Post-graduation)

You will find various part-time and full-time positions posted here.  This list is just a sample of titles and organizations that you can find on the job board links on the our Opportunities Page.  This page does not list any traditional K-12 teaching positions or summer camp positions.  The newest positions are at the bottom of each section. Many of these jobs are from Handshake @ Illinois, employers are specifically placing their positions here because they want Illinois students.

For gap year positions consider internships/fellowships; these are found on our internship page.

Closes in Fall 2022 (closing before Dec 31)

Closes in Winter/Early Spring (Jan 1 -April 30)

Closes in Last Spring/Summer (closes after May 1)

% = Positions for Liberal arts students with a need for quantitative skills.

#Internships or short-term contracts that could be good for those looking at a Gap Year or those wanting some short-term employment for various reasons. Employers are actively looking for you or have indicated grads are employable.