Pixo Externship

Pixo is a technology consultancy in downtown Urbana. We create apps, websites, and software that put people first and solve problems. Our teams include full-stack developers, user experience and interface designers, content strategists, project managers, and quality assurance specialists.

Location: We will be remote for the externship. This will all be via zoom, so laptop and access to internet will be required. Camera not required.

Introduction to what a consulting agency in technology does. Focus on agile development and
what that means, as well as working at a consulting agency with clients. Deep dive into project
management as a discipline. Introduction / meet with other Pixo employees in content strategy or
user experience, or project management. Discussions around applying your LAS degree during
interviews and the job search. Discussions around the remote / hybrid work experience.

Externship Mentor: Nicole Moore, Project Manager (LAS ’10)