Winter Break Externships, 2021 – 2022

An externship helps you connect your skills to the needs of the workplace, while you learn about some of the possibilities that are available to you. In a Winter Break externship, you spend part of a day   

  • talking to current professionals with backgrounds similar to yours, 
  • learning about what the organization does and how it operates day-to-day, and 
  • making connections between your abilities and life after graduation. 

If you want to do a winter break internship: 

  1. Click on the links below to learn about the externships that are available. 
  2. Identify no more than three that fit with your winter break plans. 
  3. Apply online before November 8, 2021 (scroll down to application button). 
  4. Get notified by November 15, 2021, if you have been accepted and matched with one of your choices. 
  5. Complete, sign, and hand in an Externship Agreement by December 1, 2015, committing you to taking part.
  6. Email the externship mentor for the organization you have been matched with to introduce yourself and confirm the details of the day.
  7. Complete your externship!
  8. Fill out an externship evaluation that we will send you at the end of winter break (this gives you the opportunity to reflect on your experience and helps us know how to improve the program going forward).

Externship Opportunities

Why Apply for an Externship?